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10 year limited structural Warranty

Schafer Decks warrants all structural work to be constructed within the guidelines of the city/county codes pertaining to the location of the structure, and to be free from defects which would compromise the integrity of the structure (excluding damage from a natural disaster or “act of god”) for a period of 10 years (one hundred and twenty months) following the date of completion. If structural failure occurs during this one hundred and twenty month time frame following the date of completion, and is determined to be a direct result of poor construction on the part of Schafer Decks and Remodeling. Schafer Decks will repair or replace, at the discretion of Schafer Decks or pay a qualified sub-contractor chosen by Schafer Decks to repair or replace any damage resulting thereof.

Structural includes the following:

All sub-frame components including: Joists, Joists hangers, Rim boards, Ledger Boards, Posts/Legs and concrete piers.

Schafer Decks warrants all cosmetic items to be free from defects including excessive warping, breaking, knot holes, looseness, and stains, (excluding damage from a natural disaster or “act of god”) for a period of sixty days following the date of completion. If excessive cracking, breaking, knot holes, looseness, or stains, of any cosmetic items occur within a sixty day period following the date of completion, Schafer Decks will replace or repair at no labor cost (materials will be at owners cost.)

Cosmetic items include the following:

All Generally exposed to the public items including: top rails, deck boards(flooring), spindles, wrap boards, and any other items determined to be a non-structural nature.

Notice Concerning pressure treated project:

Due to the nature of pressure treated lumber to warp and crack, all CCA, Natural Select, or other pressure treated decks have no cosmetic warranty, however, the structural warranty fully applies. Schafer Decks does not recommend the use of pressure treated lumber for anything other than the sub-structure of the deck.

Note: Regarding 4x4 and 6x6 in rough, smooth cedar and pressure treated post and beams. As these materials dry out they will experience what is know as “checking” which is part of the normal drying process. During this process cracks will form, sometimes up to ¼ inch across. This is a normal condition of the lumber and does not affect the integrity or the structure. “Checking” in not covered under the Schafer Decks structural or cosmetic warranty.

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